Soap Pakistan

This handmade soap created from Lavender in Pakistan by artisans you will    naturally discover the effects of nature on your skin.   Removes impurities and helps regulate and hydration of the dermis, protects bactericidal agents and skin infec...


Soap Pakistan

This handmade soap created from the ginseng root in Pakistan made craft, revitalize your skin and stimulate your senses. Thanks to its antioxidant properties slows aging and improves skin elasticity. 70grs.   ...


Soap Pakistan

This handmade soap created from the seeds of Nigelia Sativa plant is used for more than 2000 years ago,   the story that in the tomb of Tutankhamun found a bottle of this oil is given.   Nourishes the cells, cleanses the skin of dirt and increases smoothness of...


Raffia bag

This piece is handmade in a small workshop on the Atlantic coast of Morocco in raffia and leather handle. 35cm x 32cm ...


Moisturizer Roses

From the El-Kelâa M'gouna in Dades Valley of Morocco, where all production is concentrated Roses. We get this cream, rich in vitamin E, moisturizes the skin, helps maintain flexibility and elasticity to your skin. You will bring freshness and hydration. Perfect for combination skin. ...


Raffia Mini Basket

This small basket made ​​of raffia in a family workshop on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, will be the recipient of very many ideas for you. 20cm x 13cm ...


Berber jewelery

You acquired directly from a Berber family in this part of Taroudant discover through crystals, plant resins and mineral authentic ancestral design. ...


Things of the World

Welcome to Things of the World, a place where you can find the things you once could only dream of discovering – a treat for yourself or an original gift for others – but always something that will make you or others smile and help diminish those boundaries between cultures.

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